Glenn Close appears to be in good spirits despite a recent injury that left her face bruised. One day before her 77th birthday, the actress took to Instagram to share goofy photos with the bruises on full display.

“I think this is going to be a particularly GOOD day,” Glenn, 77, captioned her Monday, March 18, post. “Ignore the bruises. I had a tiny break in my nose fixed. Feeling as beautiful as ever.”

The Oscar-nominated star made silly faces in the makeup-free photos and did not specify how she hurt her nose. The following day, she kept fans updated on her birthday celebrations with a series of social media posts. Her face already looked to be somewhat healed.

glenn close shows off bruised face after breaking her nose

Glenn revealed that she attempted to bake her own cake for her big day and shared some disastrous footage from her time in the kitchen. Although she proved to not be a successful baker, she confirmed that her daughter, Annie Starke, was coming over to cook a taco feast.

During a break from cooking, the Damages star hilariously posed for photos in a Wonder Woman apron, with her dog, Pip, popping up in some of the shots. “An interlude while the cake is baking,” she shared.

glenn close shows off bruised face after breaking her nose

At the end of the night, Glenn filmed a video of herself in bed and gushed, “It was a wonderful day. I’m here with my Pippi, who’s exhausted. He partied hard.” Of course, she made sure to not leave fans hanging about how the cake turned out and admitted “it was the worst birthday cake” she’d ever tasted.

“It was really bad,” Glenn continued. “It was really dry. And I had just enough icing to cover it. But I had chocolate ice cream, coffee ice cream and vanilla ice cream, so, you know, that helped.”

Since the cake was so disappointing, Glenn said she didn’t even save the leftovers. “At the end of the night, I took it outside and I kind of broke it up and I put it on the top of the fence for the magpies in the morning,” she revealed. “I figured they’ll love it. They’ll think it’s the best thing they ever tasted.”

She also confirmed that cooking is not in her future and reiterated that the process “was a total disaster.” However, despite the baking fail, Glenn said she had a “great party” and thanked all of her loved ones for sending “wonderful” cards and “beautiful” flowers.

“It just really touched me,” she concluded. “It really touched me to hear from all my wonderful friends. So … onward.”