In her work as a human rights lawyer, Amal Clooney has borne witness to some of the modern world’s greatest injustices and cruelties. She’s tucked her children into bed at night, weighed down by the thought of all the orphaned children in war-torn countries like Syria who have no one to care for them. These feelings of wanting to do more for at least one child led her to recently discuss the possibility of adoption with her movie star husband, George Clooney, a source close to the couple exclusively revealed in Closer Weekly‘s latest issue, on newsstands now.

Despite their wealth — they are estimated to be worth $510 million — it’s not a decision they take lightly. With their careers split between Los Angeles and London and 19-month-old twins Ella and Alexander to care for, Amal, 41, and George, 57, lead hectic lives.

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“Amal says their hands are full,” the friend — who noted that the pair has stated they’re “done” having kids — told Closer. “But then they think of the Syrian children that need homes and they get really serious. Bringing home a Syrian refugee child would be a dream fulfilled for Amal.”

Parenthood has centered the jet-set pair and made them content in unexpected ways. “George has become even more easy going,” the pal said. “Amal has slowed down, too. She’s learned to sit on the floor, play with the babies and be happy.”

Saving the life of a child by welcoming him or her into their home would be deeply satisfying and also enrich the lives of their twins. “They are intent on not spoiling their kids and making them aware of those less fortunate,” the friend said, adding the couple would like to adopt while their babies are still young.

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“They want Ella and Alexander to become advocates like they are,” the pal said. “Growing up with an adoptive sibling would be a huge life lesson.”

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