Ol’ Blue Eyes was struggling before his death. The late Frank Sinatra became a legend in his own right when he was younger, but the iconic singer lead a very different life towards the end of his career. Eliot Weisman was hired in 1975 as Frank’s manager and worked very closely with the singer until he passed away in 1998 from a heart attack, and now the former manager is revealing new details about Frank’s final years in his new memoir, The Way It Was: My Life with Frank Sinatra.

Frank was 60 years old when Eliot started working with him, and in his book, Eliot claims that Frank was not the smooth crooner that he was in his youth — instead, Frank was stressed out from the pressure that he was getting from his late fourth wife Barbara Sinatra and his children about his estate, according to Fox News. To deal with the stress, Eliot claimed that Frank overused an antidepressant known as Elavil — which has ton of side effects.

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Frank and Barbara Sinatra.

“If you read about the antidepressant he was on, if you read the warnings, everything that could go wrong, like loss of vision, loss of hearing, loss of memory — all of those things he at one time or another was harmed by it,” Eliot explained.

He went on to explain that patients are only supposed to use Elavil for 12-13 months before their doctor will let them come off of it and switch their prescription to another antidepressant. But Frank was on the medicatiion for 10-15 years, and Barbara was against changing his prescription.

“Barbara decided that it was the wrong thing to do because sometimes when you go off one antidepressant and on to another, you could get violent,” Eliot explained. “She was concerned about that. It never happened. There’s no doubt in my mind that the antidepressant was responsible for a lot of his failing health.”