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Find Out What Celebrities Are Really Like, According to the People That Work for Them

If you really want to get to know stars on a personal level, you should try getting on their payroll. These employees, who range from celebrity assistants to chefs to nannies, are up-close with stars every day, which means they see it all — including the ugly parts.

But because assistants get such a candid view into a star’s life, they often are forced to sign nondisclosure agreements to keep them from running to tabloids or to book publishers to spill all the juicy gossip. However, that hasn’t stopped some former employees from stepping forward and revealing everything they know — and we mean everything, from nasty arguments between famous spouses to issues of hygiene.

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In 2008, David Beckham and Victoria Beckham‘s nanny, Abbie Gibson, was terminated from her job after getting into a heated argument with Victoria. In retaliation, she ran to News of the World to give a tell-all interview about what the Beckhams were like “behind closed doors.”

In her interview, she revealed that the famous Brits’ “perfect family” facade was mostly fabricated for the press and that David and Victoria often argued. She also explained that the famous spouses almost got divorced while Victoria was still pregnant with her third child, Cruz.

However, after her scathing interview, Abbie, who broke her confidentiality agreement, was sent to court for breaking her contract. In 2009, she was forced to issue a public apology to the Beckhams for revealing their secrets and has agreed to “permanent undertakings of confidentiality.”

In 2005 Hugh Tomlinson, Queen’s Counsel for the Beckhams, told the court: “It is uniquely hurtful and distressing to have the person who until the end of March this year was sitting around the breakfast table with them and their children, discussing their daily lives, repeat that information.”

Check out the gallery below to see what other former assistants had to say about their famous employers.