Longtime Wheel of Fortune cohost Vanna White opens up about her incredible life with these five interesting facts about her.

My ‘Wheel’ Audition Was Awful

“I was probably the most nervous because I wanted this job so badly,” says Vanna, 66, who kicked off her 41st season with host Pat Sajak last month. “I couldn’t even talk; I could hardly walk. My mouth was quivering, my knees were shaking. I thought, ‘I have blown this!’”

I Don’t Like Dressing Up

“Because I dress elegantly for work, the last thing I want to do is dress elegantly when I’m at home. Or even when I go out,” says Vanna, who has worn more than 6,500 glamorous gowns on Wheel of Fortune — and never repeated a single one! “Most of my closet is jeans, T-shirts, tennis shoes and flats. I don’t even know if I have a sequin gown in my closet.”

I Hold a World Record

On May 24, 2013, Guinness World Records declared Vanna the “most frequent clapper” in history, estimating that she applauded Wheel contestants more than 3.4 million times during her years on the show. “It’s hard to believe I do not have calluses,” she quips, adding, “It feels great to have this achievement, and my kids are even more impressed than me!”

Vanna White walks runway in black dress
Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Real Estate Is My Side Gig

“It’s kind of a hobby,” says Vanna, who enjoys investing in properties. “I have a couple of vacation condos that are in different parts of the country, and I was thinking about flipping them, but instead I decorated them for myself.”

I’ve Got a Longtime Love

“It just works,” she says of her 11-year relationship with John Donaldson, who owns a construction company in California. “He lets me be me, I let him be him. There is no drama.”