Emmy-nominated actress Kerry Washington opens up about sharing secrets, being starstruck and more with these five facts about her.

I’ve Always Loved TV

“I have really rich memories of being up late with my mom, watching primetime dramas with her,” says Kerry, who rose to fame on TV’s Scandal. “We watched a combination of shows that my friends were watching, like 90210, and shows that her friends were watching, like China Beach and Moonlighting. It was a great way for us to talk to each other about what was going on in our lives without having to always be so direct about it.”

I Can Get Starstruck

“The last time I was really starstruck was when I had the chance to work with Anthony Hopkins many, many years ago,” says Kerry, 46. “I remember watching him do a scene, and my jaw must have been just open, gazing at his talent, because he said to me, ‘Oh, relax.’ He was like, ‘You’ll get there one day. I’ve been doing this longer than you’ve been alive.’”

I Have an Addiction

“It’s a problem — I may have to go into rehab,” Kerry quips of her love of popcorn. “It’s big in my house. We have popcorn for breakfast sometimes. It may not be the best parenting, but it is fun.”

I’m a Bestselling Author 

“I’ve never wanted to share my private life for the sake of fame or for the sake of attention, but I feel like this sharing is with purpose,” Kerry says of her new memoir, Thicker Than Water, in which she opens up about her mental health struggles and eating disorder.

Kerry Washington attends Giorgio Armani "One Night In Venice" photocall
Vittorio Zunino Celotto/Getty Images

My Husband Is My Rock

Kerry, who wed former NFL star Nnamdi Asomugha in 2013, says he “helps me get back to myself. When the job ends, the movie’s over … it’s important to have a self to go back to.”