Celebrated actress Annette Bening opens up about her life’s passions, favorite actor and more in these five facts about her.

I’m a Theater Gal at Heart

Although she’s best known for her film roles, including Oscar-nominated turns in The Grifters, American Beauty, Being Julia and The Kids Are All Right, Annette started out on the stage. “I’ve always loved the theater, from the time I was in high school to community college,” says the actress, 65, who made her Broadway debut in 1987’s Coastal Disturbances. “I didn’t do a movie until I was almost 30!”

I’ve Always Wanted a Big Family

“When I was little, my dream was to have five [kids],” says Annette, who shares four children with husband Warren Beatty. “The idea of the sound of kids in the house and the chaos of a big family with all of the stuff that comes with that always interested me. When my kids are home and everybody’s around and I hear that sound in the house of people talking and laughing … I love that.”

I Won’t Get Plastic Surgery

“Am I thrilled every time I see my wrinkles? No,” she admits. “But the choice I’ve made is not to do any of that. It’s just me. That’s my approach.”

I Turned Down a Major Part

“I would have loved to play Catwoman [in Batman Returns],” says Annette of the role that eventually went to Michelle Pfeiffer. “But I got pregnant.”

Annette Bening stands on stage in a black dress
Michael Kovac/Getty Images for AARP

Humphrey Bogart Is One of My Favorite Actors

“I’ve watched quite a few of his movies. And there’s a great YouTube interview with David Niven talking about Bogart. He was apparently a great man. That’s always heartening to me.”