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For ‘Bewitched’ Star Erin Murphy, There Was No Child Actor Curse: ‘Life Is Great!’

One of the most refreshing things about Erin Murphy, a former Classic TV child actor, is the fact that she’s not screwed up, and that she hasn’t had to fight her way back from a lifetime of alcohol or drug addiction. In fact, if you took away California fires and the threat of mudslides, it sounds like life for the Bewitched star couldn’t be more perfect. Actually, even with those things, she’s sounding pretty damn happy.

“I’ve been better,” she said with a laugh after postponing our phone interview by half an hour so that she could drive out of the mudslide/flood zone she happened to be in, “but I’m fine.” She’s reassured that having this exclusive conversation isn’t all that urgent; that it could wait until, you know, her life wasn’t actually in danger. “Ah, might as well do it,” she said. “Why not?”


It’s expressed that there’s going to be plenty of guilt if she drowns while we’re talking, to which she offered, “Yeah, but I bet it would be your most interesting interview ever.”

She’s got a point.

Born Erin Margaret Murphy on June 17, 1964 (along with fraternal twin sister Diane), at the age of three, she joined the cast of Bewitched to portray young Tabitha Stephens and appeared in 103 episodes before the show ended in 1972. For 18 episodes of the first season, Diane shared the role until their looks started to differ and Erin ended up remaining with the show.

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