For anyone waiting on the next trailer for the upcoming Elton John biopic Rocketman (the teaser can be found further down on this page), Elton and the actor who is playing his younger self, Taron Egerton, just performed a duet of the song “Tiny Dancer.” The special performance was a part of the 27th Annual Elton John AIDS Foundation Academy Awards Viewing Party sponsored by IMDb and Neuro Drinks that took place in Los Angeles on Sunday, February 24. Watch Elton and Taron singing together in the video below! 

Describes Elton’s YouTube page, “Following a short preview of the trailer and a trip to the London premiere on the block, the audience was taken by surprise when Taron suggested an off-the-cuff performance of ‘Tiny Dancer,’ and Sir Elton John volunteered from the audience to accompany him on the piano. Guests were brought to their feet as they watched Elton John take his position on the keys while Taron belted out the lyrics to one of his most beloved ballads.”

The movie Rocketman costars Bryce Dallas Howard and Jamie Bell. One of its producers is Matthew Vaughn, who directed Taron in the two Kingsman films, and sitting in the director’s chair is Dexter Fletcher, who guided him through Eddie the Eagle.

While recently appearing on the UK’s Jonathan Ross Show, Taron had announced the project — which covers the earlier days of Elton’s career — commenting, “I’ve been so, so excited about this. Elton’s production company and Matthew Vaughn’s production company are planning, a musical fantasy — not quite a biopic — about the early years of Elton John. It’s going to feature his songs, and I’m gonna do the old acting and singing. As far as I’m aware, the plan is that it will be the world’s first R-rated musical as well. It’s going to be very unabashed in its depiction of him. I think it will be quite full on, which, of course, the older folk will remember, but younger people might not know that he was so flamboyant.”

Then, in talking to MTV, he added, “That’s been a long time coming. I’m super excited about it. Terrified, but super, super excited. I’d met Elton before and he was very, very kind about my singing. It’s been put together by Matthew Vaughn with Dexter Fletcher directing. So there’s a lot of people I’ve worked with before. It really kind of started when Hugh Jackman and I recorded a song for Eddie the Eagle. It was sent off to Matthew and he called me and said, ‘You can sing?’ I said, ‘Yeah, a little bit anyway.’ Well, then we all kind of went from there. The most petrifying part is I just don’t wanna f–k it up … It’s Elton John.”

If the above trailer — and the video of their duet — is any indication, that’s one thing he obviously doesn’t have to worry about. Look for Rocketman in theaters on May 17, 2019.