To all the Elton John fans out there, get ready — the singer’s latest confession is quite the doozy. With the new TV special Elton John: I’m Still Standing — A Grammy Salute set to air on Tuesday, April 10 at 9 p.m. ET on CBS, the 71-year-old pop legend has been busy reflecting on his incredibly successful, five-decade music career in new interviews.

Unfortunately, not everything the “Rocket Man” has recently commented on has had fans in high-spirits. During an interview with CBS This Morning, Elton was asked, “Are there some Elton John songs that you go, ‘God, I don’t wanna play that again?'” And, to our complete and total dismay, Elton replied, “Yeah, of course, ‘Crocodile Rock’ and stuff like that. But it’s such a crowd-pleaser.”

Say what?! “Crocodile Rock” is, of course, an Elton classic. In all fairness, the song came out in 1973, so we imagine playing the same tune — especially one with such commercial success — for nearly 50 years would be daunting for any musician. In contrast, Elton cited “Your Song,” which was written by his longtime collaborator Bernie Taupin, as his favorite to perform. He explained, “I’ve sung that song practically, I’m sure, every performance that I’ve ever made, and it’s never gotten old.”

Earlier this year, the musical icon announced his three-year farewell tour — and, we do hope he appeases fans by playing both “Your Song” and “Crocodile Rock,” even if begrudgingly! Elton explained to Ryan Seacrest at the 2018 Grammy Awards on his final performances, “There’s 300 shows, so it will be about three years, and I do 100 shows a year anyway, usually, when I’m working. I’m really looking forward it, I’m looking forward to starting it because it’s going to be such a great production and I’m looking forward to finishing it so I can spend time with my boys.”