Ellen Pompeo is no stranger to being very open and honest, and that didn’t change when she made an appearance on Red Table Talk, Jade Pinkett Smith‘s Facebook show that has mainly landed on everyone’s radar when Jada speaks about personal issues within her own family. But this time around it had all to do with Ellen and her social media presence.

The 49-year-old Grey’s Anatomy star has always been very open abut celebrating people of color, but she revealed that she’s been attacked on social media for her beliefs on race. “If I celebrate anything black I inevitably get a million comments, ‘Why are you?'” Ellen said, also adding that she knows that the harsh comments are “coming from white people.” “Of course, they are,” Ellen said. “They are threatened by my love of people of color or black culture.”

Ellen also makes sure to encourage people to try and go out and interact with different types of people. “One thing that I do think that would be productive for everybody to do is just try to make different friends,” Ellen said. Ellen has been married to Chris Ivery, who is black, since 2007 and they have four kids.

Ellen also recalled a time she got severe backlash on social media for usual certain emojis after she voiced her opinion on a KKK documentary A&E was set to air (they pulled it before it ever aired). “So I was like black fist emoji, black power,” Ellen recalled, adding, “I’m not appropriating culture. I’m just joining the fight…If you call me a white b–ch then isn’t that judging me on the color of my skin? Why can’t I help a victory for black people because I’m white?”

Ellen has also opened up about equal pay in the business, so it is pretty clear that Ellen has no problem at all voicing her opinion.