Elizabeth Taylor was an inspiration to many, and none more than grandson Rhys Tivey.

“From the start, she was very encouraging,” the 23-year-old jazz trumpeter shares exclusively with Closer.

elizabeth taylor

Taylor with Tivey in 2002

The son of sculptor Liza Todd-Burton (Liz’s child with producer Mike Todd) recently released his first CD, No Voice No More, recorded with the Rhys Tivey Quartet.

“I was very young when I knew I wanted to be a musician,” says Tivey, a decision ok’d by his grandmother. And she’s inspired him even in death.

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“Playing Amazing Grace at her funeral, there was an incredible intensity and clarity and flow that came through me,” he says. “That was one of the most profound musical experiences.”

Tivey is one of 10 grandchildren that Taylor leaves behind after her death from congestive heart failure in 2011. He attended New York University to study jazz music.