Dynasty is making a comeback in a big way on Wednesday, Oct. 11, when the show is revived on the CW! To celebrate the return of the Carringtons, Closer exclusively spoke to the iconic ’80s soap opera’s biggest stars — and they dished on some of their most epic behind-the-scenes drama. Scroll down to see!

Joan Collins was super jealous of Linda Evans

“Joan was jealous of Linda because she was so beloved by the rest of the cast,” Gordon Thompson, who played Adam Carrington, explained. “Linda was gorgeous to look at and just as glorious inside.” Fans also seemed to favor Linda’s character Krystle to Joan’s Alexis. “Everyone was saying ‘You slapped Joan Collins, thank you Diahann!'”
Diahann Carroll, who played Dominique Deveraux, said. However, despite their bitter storyline, Diahann was actually close with Joan. “Joan and I were friends [in real life],” she explained.

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Joan Collins on Dynasty.

Joan posing for Playboy caused major issues

“John stormed into [show creator Aaron Spelling’s] office and said, ‘How dare she?'” Gordon said of Blake Carrington actor John Forsythe. “John was protective of the show.” The actor also took issue with writers trying to make his character cheat on his wife Krystle with Lady Ashley Mitchell, played by Ali MacGraw. “When Ali arrived, there was a huge bunch of flowers from John,” remembered Gordon. “The card said ‘This is not going to happen.'”

The actors were under a lot of pressure

Pamela Sue Martin — the woman who played Fallon Colby — left the show in 1984. “She couldn’t take [the pressure] anymore,” explained John James, who played her husband Jeff. Pamela had to be replaced by Emma Samms, but fans didn’t seem to mind. The directors demanded a lot from the actors. Linda remembered the infamous 1983 lily pond fight, saying, “they had us fight on our knees so that it looked more dangerous.” Ouch!

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John Forsythe, Linda Evans, and Diahann Carroll.

The show has a very special place in the actors’ hearts

“It was a powerful time in my life, thank god Dynasty came along,” said Linda. “We had an impact,” agreed John. Even today, he meets people with names inspired by the show. “I said, ‘Fallon? That’s an interesting name,'” he explained of recently meeting a woman named after a character. “She said, ‘My mom watched Dynasty.’ It’s the third time I’ve come across somebody named Fallon!”