Fans are putting Drew Barrymore‘s parenting into question! The actress took to Instagram on Monday, Jan. 29 to share photos of her young daughters showing off their new looks — apparently, Drew lets them dye their hair!

Followers were not happy to see Olive, 5, and Frankie, 3, sporting colored tresses. Watch the video below to see the new photos of Drew’s girls!

She captioned the picture of Frankie, “Sunday in the park with Frankie (in her @jellymallow_ms jacket) that @sumigeem got for her! Thank you again! We all love it so!!!!!!!! Frankie is happy and doing her thing! Light as a feather. But then again, she almost always is. Kids are all so different. And today we play. Family day.”

The E.T. star then shared a photo of Olive with the caption, “Sunday in the park with Olive. She’s 5 going on 13. She looks like a ’90s grunge girl. And has the attitude to go with it. She’s mad because mom has been out of town. I’m teaching her the word ‘reentry’ and that it can take a day. Let her get her mood out of her system and I tell her i understand.” Drew added, “And as soon as we can, let’s get back to our adventurer life. I am kind, patient, and, loving because I truly do understand. By last night she came to my bed and crawled in and we were back in each other’s arms. #MomsAndDaughters.”

One fan wrote, “Oh wow you let her dye her hair?” However, another follower thought it was really cool that Drew did that. “Their hair!! You’re such a fun mom, and it sounds like an amazingly kind and patient one too!!” another shared.

Drew welcomed Olive in September 2012 and Frankie in April 2014 with her ex-husband Will Kopelman. In a previous interview, Drew gushed about motherhood with her two girls. “[Motherhood has] just made me such a better person. I always love and try to live on the high road. I think you feel best when you behave or react or come from the high road place. And my kids have elevated that for me in a way that is indescribable,” Drew shared.

“[My daughters are] my favorite people on the planet… Always remember what’s important and that joy is in everything… they are my joy,” she added. So sweet!