It hasn’t even aired its highly-anticipated fourth season in the U.S. yet, but “Downton Abbey” fans will surely rejoice at the news that they’ll experience at least one more season of upstairs-downstairs drama!

The period piece just wrapped its fourth season run in the U.K., but for its large U.S. audience, they await its return to PBS on January 5th.

"Like millions of other “Downton” fans, I can't wait to see what's next for the Crawley family," said PBS president and CEO Paula Kerger. "We're proud to be the home of this extraordinarily entertaining series, and, along with our stations, we look forward to sharing season five with U.S. audiences."

Whether season 5 will be the series last is unknown, but for the crew over at PBS’ Masterpiece Classic, they’re willing to deliver as long as the cast and U.K. crew are on board.

"As American audiences ready themselves for the January 5th premiere of season four, our devoted “Downton” fans will rest easy knowing that a fifth season is on the way," said Masterpiece Executive Producer Rebecca Eaton.

Will you be tuning in on January 5th?