Most people spend their careers looking forward to retiring, but not Dolly Parton. In fact, the country music legend says that retiring isn’t in her plans whatsoever. “I never think about retiring,” Dolly told People. “I just hope I fall dead in the middle of a song, hopefully, one I wrote, right onstage. I figure I’ll sleep when I’m dead. At this rate, I will be soon!”

While that would be traumatizing for everyone besides Dolly, you can’t blame the woman for thinking what she wants! The “Jolene” singer even admitted that she doesn’t sleep much anymore and wakes up at 3:00 a.m. every day. “Sleep is no big deal to me, the older you get the less you need,” she said.


We suppose that’s why Dolly, 72, doesn’t mind getting up even before the crack of dawn. “I get more done by seven in the morning than most people get done all day, because its quiet time,” she insisted. “I spend a lot of time in the mornings with my meditation and my prayers and talking to God.” Sounds productive!

It looks like Dolly is filled with all types of good advice. She even dished her secrets to keeping a long-lasting and healthy marriage — something that’s definitely not easy to do in Hollywood. “I always say, ‘Stay gone!’ and there’s a lot of truth to that. I travel a lot, but we really enjoy each other when we’re together and the little things we do,” the country singer gushed of her husband, Carl Dean. “We’ve been together most of our lives.”


After being together for all these years, not much has changed since their first date. When the couple first began dating, Dolly said that Carl didn’t take her out to any fancy dinners. Fast forward five decades, he still doesn’t — and that’s just how Dolly likes it. Carl also rarely ever goes to any red carpet events with his wife.

While they may do many things apart, Dolly and Carl will always be together. And after being by Carl’s side for as long as she has, Dolly has some sweet words. “I believe that everyone should be able to love who they love, how they love,” she said. “Love is love!” Amen, Dolly!