Will they or won’t they? The slow burn romance between Janine Teagues and Gregory Eddie on Abbott Elementary is one of the many reasons millions of viewers tune in to the hit ABC sitcom.

Janine, played by actress and Abbott Elementary creator Quinta Brunson, and Gregory Eddie, played by Tyler James Williams, have had obvious chemistry since their meet-cute in season 1. Question is, do the two characters actually get together? Keep reading for everything we know about their romance! 

Do Janine and Gregory get together on ‘Abbott Elementary’?

*Warning: Spoilers ahead if you’re not caught up with Abbott Elementary seasons 1 and 2.*

By the end of season 1, it’s clear that Janine and Gregory have feelings for each other. However, their timing is always wrong!

Viewers were hopeful that when Janine and her longtime boyfriend, Tariq Temple, called it quits during the season 1 finale, it would open the door for a Gregory romance. That said, Gregory went on to date Barbara Howard’s daughter, Taylor.

Come season 2, Gregory and Taylor’s relationship fizzled out, leaving both he and Janine single and ready to mingle … well, briefly anyway. Gregory quickly got involved with a student’s mom named Amber.

Do Janine and Gregory kiss on ‘Abbott Elementary’?

During season 2, episode 10, “Holiday Hookah,” fans almost got the moment they’ve been waiting for.

With the teachers on holiday break, Janine and Gregory ended up at the same bar. Despite trying to avoid each other initially, the pair ended up spending most of the night together — including sharing a steamy dance.

Eventually, both Janine and Gregory decided to leave the bar together. Just before parting ways, and nearly sharing a kiss, they were interrupted by Gregory receiving a phone call from Amber.

Although many viewers have likened Janine and Gregory’s dynamic to Jim Halpert and Pam Beasley from The Office, it’s unclear if they’ll ever get together or simply remain friends.

“They’re two people who really need to grow,” Quinta said during a June 2022 interview with E! News. “Janine needs to grow up, Gregory needs to grow down, so however long that takes, I think. I think we really wanna show the modern experience of these mid-20 people and what growth is really like on network television. We’re excited to show that.”

New episodes of Abbott Elementary air on ABC on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET.