This fall, actor Dennis Quaid will begin portraying late President Ronald Reagan in a new biopic. And, in a candid new interview, the 64-year-old star admitted he couldn’t be more nervous about taking on the coveted part. 

“[I’m] really, really nervous,” Dennis recently told Fox News. “When I got offered the role about four months ago, I couldn’t give them an answer. I had a shiver of fear go up my spine. I don’t really feel that I look like Ronald Reagan. But usually, that shiver of fear is a sign to me that I should do something because it takes me out of my comfort zone.”

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Dennis confessed he ultimately decided to take the gig because the movie is not political and he’s fascinated by the former President’s life. “Reagan was a Democrat who turned Republican. And that’s what I like about it. It’s just the story of the man who was Ronald Reagan,” he said. “And we do share a couple of traits. He had an optimistic, sunny disposition way of looking at life. And we’re both actors. He has an incredible life story. A story that I think most people really don’t know. They think they know the man, but they don’t.”

To help him get into character, Dennis visited Ronald’s family vacation home, aka the Reagan ranch. “When you drive up there, the place is surprisingly small and humble,” he said. “And they left it just as it was when Reagan was there for the last time really. [His clothes along with his wife Nancy Reagan‘s] are in their closets and you just feel like they’re going to come back in 30 minutes. It still has their 1974 house appliances.”

ronald and his wife, nancy at their ranch. (photo credit: getty images)

Ronald and his wife, Nancy at their ranch. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Since Ronald built the fences and mowed the lawn at the ranch, Denis admitted that he can still feel the President’s presence at the ranch, which will help him give an amazing performance in the upcoming film.