Just days after Nancy Reagan‘s death, the former first lady’s friend Larry King has opened up about her marriage to Ronald Reagan.

“Their love affair was probably more important than their love for their children,” Larry, 82, told People. “The children were secondary to them.”

nancy reagan ronald reagan getty images

Nancy and Ronald with their two children in September 1960.

Nancy was an actress when she met Ronald — then an actor and president of the Screen Actors Guild — in November 1959. The couple later married in March 1952 and had two children, actress and author Patti Davis, 63, and talk radio host and political analyst Ron Reagan, 57, together.

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“They were so close, sometimes there wasn’t even room for the children,” biographer William Novak said of the couple, who were married for more than 50 years before Ronald’s death at age 93 in 2004.

nancy reagan ronald reagan getty images

Nancy and Ronald celebrating his 92nd birthday in February 2000.

Following her beloved husband’s passing, Nancy — who died at age 94 on Sunday, March 6 — had an extremely hard time coping with losing her “Ronnie.” “[But], like any widow, she adjusted,” her friend Betsy Bloomingdale told People. “But Nancy missed Ronnie terribly and always.”