Dee Wallace is officially a grandmother! The film icon announced the birth of her first grandchild on Instagram on Monday, August 14. The little one was born to Dee’s daughter, Gabrielle Stone, and her husband, Taymour Ghazi

“Announcing the birth of my gorgeous, perfect, beautiful grandson, Stone Christopher Ghazi!” Dee, 74, captioned a carousel of photos. “So much love to my daughter, Gabrielle, and my son, Tay, who brought this beautiful being into the world for all of us to celebrate.”

The E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial actress shared the most adorable snapshots of baby Stone wearing a onesie that said, “So my story begins.” In another photo, Dee smiled down at her grandson shortly after his birth in the hospital. 

In March, Gabrielle, 34, posted a TikTok video of the moment she told her mother that she was pregnant. During the precious interaction, Dee screamed with delight as she learned she was going to become a grandmother. “Oh my God, she’s pregnant!” Dee gushed while holding onto her daughter’s arms and spinning around in circles. 

Dee Wallace meets grandson Stone at hospital
Courtesy of Dee Wallace/Instagram

In addition to raising Gabrielle, whom she welcomed during her marriage to late actor Christopher Stone, Dee has played a mother on screen many times in the past. In April 2022, she appeared on The Drew Barrymore Show to reflect on playing a mom to Drew Barrymore’s character in E.T. in 1982. 

“Being the mother that I am with all the kids that I work with … I went over and I said, ‘OK Drew, now we’re going to go shoot the scene where E.T.’s dying, but you know he’s not really dying, sweetheart. He’s acting, just like we are, OK?’” Dee recalled. “And you looked at me and you said, ‘I know, Dee. Do you think I’m stupid?'”

She continued, “So, I picked you up, we walked into the set. You took one look at E.T. and went [crying] ‘Ah, he’s dying, Dee! He’s dying.'” 

After turning 70, Dee opened up about the transition from playing a mom to playing a grandmother on TV and in films. She also reflected on watching E.T. costar Henry Thomas grow up in Hollywood. The pair still remain close. 

“Now I’m playing grandma roles!” she told Closer in December 2018. “Time marches on. It’s great — and weird! Henry’s such a pure, real actor, and I’m happy he’s continuing to do great things. We had a real connection that the boys and I still have. You probably don’t hear this from most actors, but I love working with kids and dogs.”