Actress Dee Wallace played protective mother, Mary Taylor, in 1982’s E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial. The Steven Spielberg-directed blockbuster became one of the most popular science fiction films of all time with worldwide praise for Dee’s portrayal. Six years later, she became a mom to her daughter, Gabrielle Stone, whom she shared with late actor Christopher Stone.

Dee and Christopher got married in 1980. They welcomed their only child together, Gabrielle, in 1988. Being a part of E.T. has always had a special significance for the Kansas native, who got to work with very talented child actors before taking on motherhood in real life. 

“My favorite scene is when I am reading Peter Pan to Gertie [Drew Barrymore] and E.T. is spying on us. It reminds me of all the beautiful moments I have had with my own daughter when she was little,” the Emmy nominee told Closer in April 2022.

Dee Wallace Daughter: Meet Actress Gabrielle Stone

Gabrielle truly learned from the best as the child of two experienced actors. She set out for a Hollywood career of her own as an actress and a director. She garnered her first film credits in 2006 in the series Wooden Steel Comedy and the short film Henry John and the Little Bug.

Gabrielle has earned more than 50 acting credits since then, with appearances in films like 2013’s Speak No Evil, 2018’s The Competition and 2020’s Await the Dawn. In addition to her acting career, the California native is a best-selling author of the 2019 book Eat, Pray, #FML and the 2021 follow-up The Ridiculous Misadventures of a Single Girl.

“She writes books about how to find your power and the love for yourself after you’ve been abandoned,” Dee said. “She’s served a lot of women. She and I share the same motto: As long as we’re creating, we’re happy.”

After the success of her first book, Gabrielle started a podcast called “FML Talk” in October 2020. She also began teaching masterclasses about writing, marketing and social media. The actress later found love with Criminal Minds actor Taymour Ghazi. Gabrielle directed her boyfriend and her mother in the 2019 inspirational short film After Emma.