Beloved actor Patrick Duffy has had a very long road to stardom. After the tragic murder of both of his parents in November 1986, he had to fend for himself and learn how to navigate Hollywood on his own. He did a really great job for himself because, according to Celebrity Net Worth, he’s currently valued at $14 million.

Thanks to his breakout role as Bobby Ewing on Dallas, Patrick started reeling in the big bucks for him and his late wife, Carlyn Rosser. When the two got married in 1974, they were all each other could think about until Carlyn’s very last days. Now, Patrick just tries to make his former lover proud in everything that he does.


“I know what she would expect of me, and I try and live up to that,” he recently told Closer Weekly. “I still consider myself a married man.”

After 43 years of marriage, Patrick became a widower when Carlyn sadly passed away in 2017. However, he still feels her presence. “I can hear her. I can see her,” he said. “I feel close to her all the time [but] what I miss most is her touch.”

Even though Carlyn died at the age of 78, she still lives on in her kids — Padraic, 45, and Conor, 39. With them around, Patrick feels less lonely. “His sons and their families are over all the time,” an insider exclusively told Closer in a separate interview. “He hates being alone, so they’re a wonderfully close family. He loves having them around.”

Patrick Duffy and son

Since his kids are all grown up, the only thing Patrick has left to do is just focus on his career. The A-lister just came out with his new holiday movie titled Random Acts of Christmas and he has also appeared in The Mistletoe Secret, Station 19, The Cool Kids and American Housewife as of late.

As for Patrick’s love life, he doesn’t think he’ll find anyone like Carlyn again. “His kids are encouraging him to find love,” the insider said. “They’ve even tried to set him up, but it didn’t work out.”

We’re sure Carlyn is so proud of everything her husband has achieved since her passing.