Meet ‘Step By Step’ Actor Patrick Duffy’s Two Grown Sons Padraic and Conor

What a dad! Patrick Duffy may be known for starring on various classic TV shows, but at home, his major role is being an incredible father to two children — and it’s time we get to know his now grown sons.

The Dallas alum, now 70, tied the knot for the first and only time with professional ballerina Carlyn Rosser in 1974. The happy pair would go on to have two sons — Padraic and Conor. The couple would remain married until Carlyn’s death in 2017.

Patrick Duffy Wife

“I can hear her. I can see her,” the actor exclusively told Closer Weekly at the It’s a Wonderful Lifetime holiday party on October 22. “I know what she would expect of me, and I try and live up to that.”

“I feel close to her all the time [but] what I miss most is her touch,” Patrick added. “I still consider myself a married man.” Even though his love may be gone, the Step By Step star still has his two kids close with him.

“His sons and their families are over all the time,” an insider exclusively told Closer. “He hates being alone, so they’re a wonderfully close family. He loves having them around.” His children have even tried to help their dad find love again.

Patrick Duffy

“His kids are encouraging him to find love again,” the source revealed. “They’ve even tried to set him up, but it didn’t work out.” However, while he may not want to go down the love route anytime soon, Patrick is focusing on something else instead of his children: his faith.

“Buddhism is everything to him,” the insider explained. “He’s a calm, centered man because of it. … He loves nature and meditating. Patrick allows himself to be sad, but he doesn’t allow himself to wallow in it. He’s really a wonderful, complicated, funny man.”

Patrick may have been through some rough times in his life, but it his very clear that he has plenty to live for — especially his two sons who have been by his side.

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