On Aug. 19, John and Treva Hurt celebrated their platinum anniversary — that's 70 years of marriage, people!

At 93 and 89 respectively, the California couple is one of the rare duos to reach the milestone, particularly impressive given today's climbing divorce rate.

The pair recently sat down with their local paper, The Sacramento Bee, to share their adorable backstory, which began in their hometown near Bakersfield when they were just teens.

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Treva was literally the girl next door who first elicited John's help in adjusting the tie on her school band uniform. Her visits became more and more frequent and John soon developed a crush. “I started noticing how pretty she was getting," he shared.

It wasn't long before they became a couple and Treva admitted that by their second date, she knew she'd found the one. In 1943, John left to fight in World War II, but sent his future wife an engagement ring as a sign of his commitment.

They got married when he returned and had two children together. “You know what, my mom and dad just really love each other,” daughter Linda Wartburg told the paper of her parent's union. “I guess it sounds silly, but they’re always holding hands.”

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When asked to reveal their secret to a long-lasting marriage, John confessed he didn't have a good answer.

“We love each other and respect each other. We try to talk out any problems. And she gets her way all the time,” he joked.

Treva added, “We never go to bed without saying, ‘Good night, I love you.'"

Sounds like the perfect answer to us!