Tuesday marked 500 delicious episodes of cooking talk show ‘The Chew,’ and hosts Mario Batali, Michael Symon, Carla Hall, Clinton Kelly and Daphne Oz celebrated the milestone with a look back at their 3 fun-filled seasons!

When asked about why their hit show works, Batali said, “It’s really understanding the fundamental core of what makes delicious food bring people together.”

We asked the cast to share some of their sweetest memories, and most had a tough time deciding which they liked best. “Oh that’s so hard,” says Kelly, “it’s like choosing from your children.”

But Oz can easily pinpoint her favorite episodes. “We did a week, the first season I think, where we did a mother’s day week and each of us brought on our mothers for a whole show,” shares Oz. “We cooked with them, chatted, and we played like the newlywed game with our parents, and it was just so special to see where each of these crazy kooky people came from.”

Chef Symon gushed about the time Drew Barrymore stopped by, “I think that was one of my favorite episodes,” says Symon.

The show’s success has brought the five co-hosts closer then ever. “We feel like such a family and we’ve developed this incredible friendship over the last three years,” says Oz, who will be adding another member to ‘The Chew’ family with the birth of her first child in March.

So which guests would the cast members love to host on the show? Robert DeNiro, Robin Williams and President Obama all make the list!

“And I would like to have Drew Barrymore back,” joked Symon.

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