Actress Connie Britton can crush it on the big screen, but not so much in the kitchen. “I am most definitely not the chef,” The Friday Night Lights star recently told Redbook of her attitude when it comes to holiday meals. “I am so not a chef that really nobody [in my family] wants me to do the turkey.” Instead, she provides laughs and entertainment — which many would argue is her forte.

The 51-year-old has had her hands full recently while shooting her new TV show, Dirty John. With filming about to wrap just in time for the holidays, Connie is determined to make this the most relaxing holiday ever. She even has some tips and tricks that she follows in order to have a stress-free holiday season.

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For many, Christmas time means being jolly and full of cheer. But it also means spending money and being stressed. Connie says the stress isn’t worth it, therefore you should just accept that things happen. “One year my grandmother made these chocolate fudge truffle things, and my sister, my cousin, and I were transporting them, and they were sitting in the back of our car,” Connie recalled to the magazine. “Something happened and we stopped short with the car, and the truffles went flying onto the floor. And we very carefully picked them all back up and vowed that we would never tell. And we didn’t.” Until now, that is!

While preparing for wrapping Christmas gifts, Connie said she likes to have a “sort of signature gift wrap every year.” She said that having a distinguished wrapping paper makes it easier for everyone. “If you have that… then it’s like, “Oh, this is obviously from Connie because it has this wrapping paper on it,'” she dished.

Think about it. If everyone had a specific wrapping paper that they used, you would know right away who your gift is from without having to waste time looking for the name tag. Which would probably save Connie’s family hours considering she admitted that opening presents is “literally an entire-day event” with her family.

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“It’s always been a tradition in our family that everybody has to be awake, the kids have to wait for all the parents to be up and dressed, and the kids are always sitting on the stairs waiting,” Connie said. “Everybody is in their pj’s, so we go downstairs and everyone takes turns, one at a time.” Sounds so fun!

One of Connie’s last holiday tips is to get empowered by giving back. “I know from my own experience — when you can look beyond yourself and see that there’s a need and offer up something, it makes your own life so much better and makes your community better,” the Nashville star admitted. “When you start to think about the things you have to offer to others, it lifts you up as well.”

The weeks to Christmas are quickly counting down, so now would be a good time to take Connie’s advice to heart and take advantage of her stress-free holiday tips!