It may have taken two failed marriages for Prince Charles and his wife Camilla to reconnect after dating in the ‘70s, but it turns out that the royal couple were bonded by a common thread long before their courtship.

Charles revealed to a group of physicians at a London hospital that he and Camilla were delivered by the same doctor.

“My darling wife was born here but amazingly we had the same gynecologist and nurse,” the prince shared with staff at King’s College Hospital.

The 65-year-old was born on Nov. 14, 1948 at Buckingham Palace, while wife Camilla was born more than a year earlier in 1947 at the South London hospital.

The pair were touring the neo-natal ward where Camilla attempted to cheer the premature babies by making silly faces to stop them from crying.

A nurse at the hospital told reporters, “The duchess was quite overwhelmed seeing such tiny babies. I was feeding one of our premature twins and she said her daughter had had identical twins too.”

The Duchess of Cornwall is grandmother to five (including twin boys) and shared that her twin grandsons were 6 ½ lbs. at birth. “Gosh, that’s big compared to the babies here,” replied the nurse.

Meanwhile, Charles praised the hospital’s staff, saying, “The work you do here is fantastic, particularly having seen the neonatal unit and elderly wing.” He then joked, “Ever more significant with our advancing age!”

The trip ended with Camilla being presented with a teddy bear sporting the slogan, “I’m a King’s baby.”

charles & camilla

Maybe she’ll give it to baby George since he really is a future king’s baby!