In his new movie, The Mule, director and star Clint Eastwood is set to play the role of an elderly man with a checkered family history who tries to make peace with his past. And in real life, Clint seems to be trying to do the same thing. He invited all eight of his children to join him for the premiere on Dec. 10. “Clint knows this might be his last film, and he wanted all of his kids to be there,” an insider revealed to Closer Weekly.

Clint’s eldest daughter, Laurie, was also present for the premiere. When she was born, Laurie was reportedly put up for adoption by her mother. It wasn’t until 30 years ago when she searched for her biological parents that Clint apparently realized he had another child. “Laurie wanted to be there, and he wanted her to be there, and for Clint, what he wants, he gets,” the source explained. 

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Laurie has been a part of Clint’s life for the last 15 years or so; he quietly brought her to the Oscars when he won Best Director and Best Picture for 2004’s Million Dollar Baby. “As soon as Clint verified that she was his daughter, she and her husband and two kids have weaved into the rest of the clan,” the insider dished. “Clint’s kids all like her and have accepted her and her family.”

Clint is also a father to Kimber Lynn Eastwood, 54, Kyle Eastwood, 50, Alison Eastwood, 46, Scott Eastwood, 32, Kathryn Eastwood, 30, Francesca Eastwood, 25, and Morgan Eastwood, 22.

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Laurie wasn’t the only surprise guest at The Mule’s premiere. Clint’s first wife, Maggie, also attended. “He’s been on great terms with Maggie for years. She’s been maternal with all his children — not just hers,” the source insisted, referring to Alison, who co-stars in The Mule, and musician Kyle. Luckily for Clint, he not only has a supportive ex-wife but eight loving kids who wanted to be there for him on his special day. So sweet!

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