Christina Hall opened up about a scary health issue she faced recently. The Christina on the Coast star explained the “disturbing” medical discovery she experienced.

“When I was 16 I had a tooth injury to a back molar and had to have an emergency root canal,” the HGTV personality wrote in her Instagram Stories on Wednesday, April 10. “In 2020, my dentist saw via X-ray the previous root canal showed signs of being infected. So I went and had it redone.”

“Fast forward to last week,” her post continued. “The infection came back … so I’ve had an infection that I have zero symptoms of lingering for years and years!! Pretty disturbing.”

Christina, 40, revealed plans to take “care of it next week via explant” but told her followers that “leaving an infection that long can cause all kinds of health complications.”

“With no root you can’t feel there is a problem,” she added. “Of course, since our phones listen to us, I’m reading about all kinds of problems with old root [canals]. If you have ever had one, go check yours ASAP.”

This wasn’t the only time the Flip or Flop alum opened up about a health scare she faced. In a series of December 2022 Instagram posts, Christina revealed that she had mercury and led poisoning and small intestine bacteria overgrowth. She attributed the illness to “all the gross houses I’ve been in (all the bad flips).”

The following month, the mom of three provided an update on her health and lifestyle changes.

“I’m just really focused on doing a cleanse right now, eating super clean,” she told E! News in January 2023. “I’m doing supplement detox and there’s a local wellness place nearby where I’ve been doing hyperbaric chambers and IVs.”

Christina Hall Health Emergency
Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images

She also revealed that she was looking into having her breast implants removed. “I have a couple of appointments about getting my implants removed,” she added.

In a separate Instagram post, Christina wondered if her implants were the root of her health issues.

“I’ve had some unexplained health stuff for years, and now I’m considering the thought that this could be breast implant related,” the TV host said. She also revealed that she had her under-eye filler dissolved due to it “causing an inflammatory reaction.”