Two children won’t be enough for Chrissy Teigen and John Legend! The famed singer revealed in a new interview on Big Boy’s Neighborhood that they would like to have more babies in the future.

“I think so, we’d like to. We can do three,” he replied when asked about wanting more kids. The duo is already parents to a two-year-old daughter, Luna, and a three-month-old son, Miles, whom they always share adorable photos of all over their Instagram accounts.

In a previous interview with People, Chrissy opened up about her difficult IVF process, which she underwent for both of her pregnancies. “You do the whole process again to try to get as many embryos and eggs as possible,” she shared of artificial insemination. “Everyone is freezing everything and then you make the embryos out of what you freeze and try to make viable perfect embryos.”

That said, the more perfect embryos the better the chances that Chrissy and John would be able to have a big family. “For me, I just want to gather as many [embryos] as possible. I don’t want to do this again for the rest of my life,” the author continued. “So it’d be nice to get a great batch of beautiful, perfect embryos and keep trying so we did it again.”

This isn’t the first time the pair has spoken out about having more kids. When asked about their desire to have more children in a previous interview, John responded, “Yeah. [Parenthood is] a beautiful thing. We want to have a few more hopefully. Three or four. We’ll play it by ear though.”

According to John, however, Luna wasn’t ready to be a big sister before Miles arrived! “She has no idea, she has no idea what’s going on,” the “All of Me” singer previously shared. “We know there’s a baby in there and she can say ‘baby’ but I don’t really know if she knows what it means for her mother to be carrying another child and for that child to be her little sibling. I don’t know if she’s ready for that yet.” Well, we’re ready to for baby No. 3 and we hope Luna will be too!