While you were off perhaps scratching your head thinking of a grand gesture to do for your partner on Valentine’s DayChip Gaines was way ahead of everyone as he went above and beyond to show his love for his wife, Joanna Gaines.

Joanna, 40, took to Instagram on Thursday, February 14, to show all her fans (and perhaps make other husbands feel bad about what they got their significant others) by sharing a photo of what Chip, 44, did for her on the day of love. And let’s just say a silo at Magnolia Market in Waco, Texas, was involved.

Check out the photo below!

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That's big love @chipgaines 😍

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“That’s big love @chipgaines,” Joanna captioned the photo that shows a massive silo with the words “Chip hearts Jo” on it. Fans rushed in with their comments of course, with one person saying, “I love you Chip Gaines for showing so much luv to your Beautiful Joanna!!” Another user added, “Now that’s just as sweet as can be,” and a commenter said, “We are not worthy.”

It does certainly seem like the pair’s marriage is what many people admire. The two first met in 2001, married in 2003 and just recently celebrated their 15th anniversary. And through all that they have still had time to star in Fixer Upper, one of HGTV‘s most popular shows that ran from 2013 to 2018.

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I like this guy ❤️

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The pair also have five kids — Drake, 14, Ella Rose, 12, Duke, 9, Emmie Kay, 8, and Crew, 8 months. “Motherhood means everything to me,” Joanna once told Jenna Bush Hager in Southern Living magazine. “Everything else in my life can go away, but that’s my thing. That’s what wakes me up. It’s my heart — these kids.

Joanna also revealed how surprised she is at the amount of love she gets from her five children. “You just think kids will fit into your life, and then I had these babies and didn’t realize how they would have every string of my heart,” she told the outlet. “Everything I do, from the moment I get into my car to drive to work, I’m thinking, ‘Did I do everything I could to make those kids know that I love them?’ I’m a segmented person, but there is not a moment when they’re not in my mind. I never thought it would be like that.”

Well this certainly seems like the perfect family.