Nothing means more to Chip Gaines and Joanna Gaines than family! With just weeks left on-air, the Fixer Upper stars are officially moving out of the spotlight and spending as much time as they can with their kids.

Chip’s mom, Gayle Gaines, recently spoke to Life & Style and said, “Family is very important to them. They care very much about how their children turn out, and they are very well aware that spending time with them and investing in their lives is important. [Family] is a high priority.”

But this isn’t a surprise to fans who have watched the couple rise to stardom. After announcing last fall that the current season of Fixer Upper would be the last, they decided to put their efforts into a special called, Chip and Joanna’s Family Garden Project, which focused on their family and revamping the garden in the backyard of their Texas home.

An insider told Life & Style that the couple “quit Fixer Upper to focus on family life. They’re putting all their energy into bringing up their kids.” Chip and Jo are expecting their fifth child this summer and the insider added, “They’ll have their hands full once the new addition is born and don’t want any of their children to feel neglected.”

Balancing family life and the show might prove difficult for some couples, but Chip’s mom insisted this isn’t the case for him and Joanna. She said, “Their marriage [has been] very sound.” Roger Woodruff, Fixer Upper’s director of photography for three seasons, added. “Their marriage didn’t need saving. If anything, I only saw it grow stronger as I worked with them on the show.”

With so many years on television, Chip’s mom believed they “earned some time to rest.” And with a baby on the way, they will need it! It isn’t clear whether or not they will return to the spotlight, but their friend and occasional guest star, Jimmy Don Holmes, told Life & Style that coming back to the industry will have to be something that makes a difference. He said, “They’re super folks.”