After former first daughter Chelsea Clinton revealed that 2014 is the “year of the baby” for her and husband Marc Mezvinsky, she sat down with Rachel Ray to talk about the continued pressure from her parents to give them a grandchild.

“If one of my parents were sitting here, they would tell you without blinking an eye that it would make them the happiest thing on earth if I were to make them grandparents, and they would say it so effusively, and I would feel a little bit of pressure,” shares the 33-year-old NBC News correspondent.

While Bill and Hilary are urging their only child to start a family, Chelsea says her in-laws are content in letting a pregnancy happen naturally. "My husband has 10 brothers and sisters, so we have 18, almost 19, nieces and nephews, so there's not pressure from that side of the family," she says.

During the interview, Chelsea also talks about her first kiss, which happened while her father was president but did not take place in the White House. “It was when I was living in the White House. I lived there from the ages of 12 until 20, so I would hope that somewhere in that time I would have had that right of passage,” Chelsea admits.

So where did that important adolescent moment take place? “In the boy who was going to become my boyfriend’s basement,” she shares. "It's OK, we went to senior prom together, too."