Babies on the brain! Carson Daly and wife Siri Daly already have three kids, and if The Voice host has his way, they aren’t even halfway done yet! “I think Carson would want, like, five more if he could,” Siri, 37, told Life & Style.

The food blogger and author isn’t sold on having more kids, though she concedes, “I guess [you should] never say never.”

carson daly kids

With son Jackson, 9, and daughters Etta, 5, and London, 3, to chase around, Siri and Carson, 44, already struggle to make time for themselves, so when they do have date nights, there’s one rule: Don’t talk about the kids! “We try to just focus on something entirely different,” Siri said. “I think that is crucial to being happy.”

But when it’s time to chat motherhood, Siri revealed she often turns to Today co-stars Dylan Dreyer and Savannah Guthrie for mom tips. “Dylan’s got a young boy and we’re kind of both on that level as parents with our younger kids,” she shared in a recent exclusive interview with Closer Weekly. “Savannah and I probably know each other a little bit better. It seems silly when Savannah asks me for advice because she’s a brilliant woman. We were pregnant at the same time, it was her first and my third. She’s a terrific mom. She’s awesome. She doesn’t need any advice from me.”

Siri — who just released her new cookbook, Siriously Delicious — also joked about how her kids can sometimes be picky eaters. “Yeah, it’s always changing and evolving with kids. They started out great and would all eat whatever I put in front of them. I was doing all organic baby food for my first son, then when my second came around I was like, ‘Oh, but the jars are so convenient,’ then by the third — she eats Skittles for breakfast. Not really — but they all around 18 months decided, ‘I don’t like that anymore!’ I do have — especially my girls — some picky eaters,” she said.

The brunette beauty added, “As I”m learning with my son, who is the oldest, if you keep trying new foods and techniques, they’ll eventually come around and he’s finally getting there. It’s a challenge. I don’t want to be that mom that has to make three different meals every night, so I try my best to not do that. There are a lot of recipes in the book and tips for how to take one recipe and get a few things out of it, and ways to not end up a short-order cook.”

We hope we can see more little Dalys running around soon!