Famed actor Burt Reynolds is holding himself accountable. The A-lister stopped by the Today show on Thursday, March 15 for a very rare interview — but made anchor Hoda Kotb feel very uncomfortable in the process.

After their lengthy interview about his new film The Last Movie Star, Burt ended the sit-down by saying, “so proud of you [Hoda] for not having your lips larger.” Hoda was noticeably feeling weird about the plastic surgery comment, so she replied, “Okay, Burt,” with a perplexed look on her face. She then put her arm out to give him a playful smack and he took it upon himself to kiss her hand.

And now, Burt is clarifying his rather rude comments.”It didn’t come out like that. I don’t know what the hell I said,” he shared with USA Today on Thursday, March 22. “But I got so [hacked] off at people being [hacked] off at me for hurting Hoda.”

He then shared that he even apologized to the TV personality after the sit-down. “I never, ever meant to hurt her. I think she’s the best at doing what she does. And that laugh is to die for,” he said. Aww!

The encounter led many fans to wonder about the status of his health. But, to the surprise of most, his manager revealed to People that it’s “perfect” today after his elective bypass surgery eight years ago.

During the interview Burt also talked about his past relationship with Hollywood actress Sally Field after Hoda asked him about his love life. “You’ve had an incredible career [with] so many great roles and so many great loves,” she said. “But I’ve always wondered; when I think about the women in your life — who would you consider the love of your life?” Burt then replied, “You’re naughty, you really are. I’m dead in the water, no matter what I say.” Still so awkward.

burt reynolds splash

“Well, she was [age] seven when I fell in love with her and she stayed seven for about 11 years. I would say, Sally,” he added. He also took to USA Today interview as an opportunity to clarify that weird comment as well. “I didn’t say seven,” Burt insisted. “I said 37, I think.” Hmm…

Burt also noted that he would want actor George Clooney to play him in a future biopic about his life and successful acting career. “Well, why not? He’s not quite as good-looking, but he’s still got quite a lot of other things,” he quipped. We couldn’t agree more, Burt!

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