Come on down! Bob Barker did just that — via Skype. The former The Price Is Right host will celebrate his 95th birthday on Wednesday, Dec. 12, and to ring in the milestone event, he appeared on the game show in a unique way.

The TV personality was reflected on the big video screen during his conversation with new host Drew Carey and company. The fans at that episode of the game show were seen cheering and waving in the background. There was even a huge birthday cake on set for him with a “95” on it.

Bob Barker 'The Price Is Right'

Bob’s special appearance comes after a string of health issues for the game show enthusiast. A few weeks ago, he was hospitalized for the second time in two months. After being rushed to Cedars Sinai Hospital in LA for back pain, he was “awake, alert, and improving, but he’s up and down,” his manager told ET at the time.

In October, he was hospitalized for an “increased level of pain.” Two weeks before that, Bob suffered a non-emergency back injury at his home. Following his health scare last month, his manager said, “He’s awake and alert. He’s resting and going through evaluations. It was painful and difficult to get him in a private vehicle. We decided it was easier and better for him.”

Bob Barker Birthday

Those few hospitalizations were in addition to Bob’s plethora of health concerns in recent years. From a minor stroke in 1991, a stroke and hospitalization in 2002, and prostate surgery a few months after that, Bob has been through a lot. On top of that, he also once had surgery to correct a blockage in his carotid artery — and he’s been treated for skin cancer in the past.

In our opinion, Bob looked better than ever on Skype despite his recent health issues. Here’s to many, many more birthday celebrations for him on The Price Is Right!