Famed actress and singer Barbra Streisand is a woman in love… with her birds. That was apparent when her beloved chickens recently flew the coop on her Malibu property.

Barbra was upset when she couldn’t find the fowl, an insider reveals to Life & Style. “She was afraid wild animals like coyotes would get them or that they would get hit by a car.” Barbra, 75, went around the neighborhood, knocking on doors as she tried to round up her feathered friends, and she eventually tracked the chickens down.

“Most of the neighbors thought it was a real treat that they were able to chat with Barbra,” the insider says. “If her chickens ever go missing again, I’m sure they’ll be glad to hand deliver them — if they can catch them!”

barbra streisand getty images

Barbra with her late dog, Samantha.

This scare comes just six months after Barb sadly lost her beloved dog, Samantha, after 14 years. “This is the last time my picture was taken with my beloved girl Samantha,” she captioned a photo of herself with the late pup in May. “May she rest in peace. We cherish every moment of the 14 years we had with her. May 2003 – May 2017.”

Prior to Sammie’s death, Barbra was known for sharing a plethora of cute photos of her adorable pet, who was clearly such a good friend to her. A source previously told People, “Barbra was devoted to Sammie. At home in Malibu, he followed her around wherever she went. He was truly a loving companion. Her best friend.”

Barba also gushed about Sammie prior to her passing: “She’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen. She’s like the daughter I never had. She speaks English. She understands English, I swear to God.” The loss of Samantha was clearly very hard on Barbra, so we’re just glad her chickens made it home unharmed.