Kate Pierson, lead singer of the ​B-52s, has achieved so much in the music world but there’s another thing she can finally check off her bucket list having an art exhibit with chimpanzees! 

The “Love Shack” singer reveals she has teamed up with Save The Chimps to exhibit an art collection of paintings designed to resemble different B-52s album covers produced by 16 of its most artistic primates at this year’s Spectrum Miami art fair during Miami Art Week.

“It’s definitely the artwork of the chimps, but we created the backdrop,” the 75-year-old exclusively tells Closer. “Everyone in the B-52s, Fred [Schneider] and Cindy [Wilson] and I would paint a canvas. It’s a collaboration.”

Save The Chimps is a non-profit created to provide refuge to chimpanzees in need. The paintings of various sizes, range in price from $750 to $3000. The artwork will be at Spectrum Miami art fair during Miami Art Week in December 6 through December 10. The collection will be exhibited during the four day fair in Miami’s MANA Wynwood Convention Center for art lovers to buy. The paintings are then signed by Kate. And the artwork is very popular, with celebrity collectors including Pink!

Save The Chimps

“There are just a certain percentage [of chimps] that like to paint,” the “Roam” singer revealed. “And they have a creative urge, and they focus, and they hold the brush and it’s just kind of wow.”

Kate and the ​B-52s have always been involved with animal rights, especially chimpanzees. She recalls being at PETA’s Animal Rights Music Festival in 1988. “I walked out holding the hand of the chimp. And the chimp looked into my eyes and laughed and just loved my dress because I had a sparkly dress on.”

She adds, “On my bucket list is to kind of do all I can to bring peace and enlightenment and light into the world. And also, to try my best to save this planet. And Save the Chimps is kind of part of that.”