Season 20 of Grey’s Anatomy promises to do what the show does best — hook fans with its “phenomenal” stories, cast member Anthony Hill exclusively told Closer at the People’s Choice Awards on February 18.

“I think we’re sticking to our roots,” he teased about the upcoming season. “I think what Shonda [Rhimes] has created is something that is really special, and I think we kind of deviated to stay relevant in all this over the years.”

Anthony, who plays Dr. Winston Ndugu, also dished on welcoming back some returning cast members in the show’s upcoming season, including Jessica Capshaw and Kevin McKidd.

“I think we’re getting back to what people love about this show, the characters that they love about this show, the writing that they love on this show,” the Station 19 alum continued. “And also, we’re bringing back characters, speaking of that, that haven’t been around for a minute. So fan favorites. So I’m looking forward to that.”

Viewers can expect to be on the edge of their seats during the season 20 premiere on March 14. It will mark the first time in a long time that Ellen Pompeo and Kelly McCreary will not be appearing as series regulars.

“But also, the first episode. It is phenomenal. It’s explosive. It’s everything that people love about Grey’s,” Anthony said. “So from day one on episode one this season, people are going to get what they want.”

'Grey's Anatomy' cast at People's Choice Awards
Steve Granitz/FilmMagic

Grey’s has been known to be a bit unpredictable when it comes to killing off characters or bidding tearful farewells. Anthony admitted that he held his breath while reading the show’s script a time or two.

“I’m not going to lie. I’m guilty of reading it back to front a couple times,” he explained. “Especially when you’re not quite sure where the next one’s going to go. You open up that next week, and you’re like, ‘Wait a second.’”

Despite the fear of the unknown, the actor explained that the shocking storylines are a big reason why fans keep tuning in each season.

“I think that’s part of also what makes this show great because you never know who’s going to be there,” Anthony added. “We never know who’s going to go. Everybody’s just expendable in a way that’s a lot like life, and it’s fleeting and it’s short-lived, and that makes it more beautiful, I think.”