She can’t stand being away from her little one! Anna Faris has some mom guilt, and she revealed that it’s a feeling she encounters often.

“[I feel it] every second of every day,” the 42-year-old told Us Weekly on Wednesday, April 17. “Then you kind of get numb to it. You get so used to the overwhelming sense of guilt that you’re just like, ‘How do you take on anymore?’ I know parents out there, moms and dads, will feel this. They know.”

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Ahhhhhh!!!!! I stole my child’s sword!!!! Yes!

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The actress shares her 6-year-old son Jack with her ex-husband, Chris Pratt — the pair split in summer 2017 after being married for eight years. While her hands are quite full, the Mom star understands it is all about balancing everything. “You just take it sort of one step at a time,” she told the outlet. “You recognize that you’re not perfect. You recognize that you’re gonna mess up some lines or not feed your kid organic food, which I never do. Don’t tell anybody.”

“Being a parent is amazing and difficult and boring and fascinating,” she continued. “I wish I could capture his voice because I know at 6 years old, it’s still, like, the sweetest, and he totally knows how to manipulate me.” She added: “He’s like, ‘Mommy is it okay if I can watch [this movie?’ and] I let him watch.”

While little Jack’s folks may be famous, Anna recently revealed that he isn’t interested in all that noise. “I think that for Jack, I think he’s had such an awareness of both his parents being in Hollywood and sort of that he’s not impressed, which is annoying,” she joked to People.

The youngster is instead all about pulling pranks. “He loves making traps. He’ll put ropes up so I trip over them, which annoyingly I seem to fall for all the time,” Anna said, adding, “He wants to be independent. He wants to be cool, but he’s still like that snuggly kid.”

It certainly seems like Anna is a wonderful mom!