Here’s a bit of news that might make you as happy as seeing Li’l Sebastian himself gallop right into your office: Amy Poehler says she’s ready for a Parks and Recreation reunion.

“I am technically available” the 47-year-old comedian told Variety at the Smart Girls’ 10th anniversary celebration dinner. “I have like six of Leslie’s blazers in my closet, so anytime,” Leslie, I mean Amy, added. Parks and Rec aired for seven seasons from 2009 to 2015, with the final season taking its viewers years into the future, killing off (spoilers) the one bumbling character, Jerry. And while Amy is all for a reunion, there may be a hurdle to get over first. “Our king [show creator Michael Schur] is busy doing his highly successful show, The Good Place,” Amy explained. “We really can’t jump without Mike. So when Mike is good and ready, I’m sure we’ll show up like good soldiers.”

Amy and Nick
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So Amy, you’re saying there’s a chance? Aside from Amy, the show also starred Aubrey Plaza, Aziz Ansari, Nick Offerman, Rashida Jones, Rob Lowe, Adam Scott, Retta, and some guy named Chris Pratt. We don’t really know what happened to his career. We hope he’s doing well.

Parks and Rec
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Amy isn’t the only person who is more than able to show up for a reunion to a successful show. Recently, Jennifer Aniston told James Corden on The Late Late Show with James Corden that she would be up for the Friends gang getting together, but not everyone is on board. “The girls always say we would love to do it again, and the boys are a little less excited about it for some reason,” Jennifer said, adding, “So we’ve decided that we’ll just do, like — and I’ve said this before — we’ll just do, like, a remake of The Golden Girls in, like, 40 years.”

We think it’s time for all of the hit shows from yesteryear to come back and give us another season or two. It’s something that has to be done for the good of humanity.