Though Amy Poehler is a successful actress, comedienne, author, director, producer and writer, she is first and foremost a mother — a role she says can be difficult to balance with her showbiz work.

“I have these meetings with really powerful men and they ask me all the time, ‘Where are your kids? Are your kids here?’ ” she revealed in a new interview of working in a male-dominated industry.

amy poehler sons
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Amy with Archie and Abel in 2012.

“It’s such a weird question. Never in a million years do I ask guys where their kids are. It would be comparable to me going to a guy, ‘Do you feel like you see your kids enough?’ ” she told Fast Company.

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The Parks and Recreation star, 43, has two sons, Archie, 6, and Abel, 4, with her ex-husband, actor Will Arnett. The couple were previously married from 2003 until 2012.

amy poehler and will arnett

Will and Amy in January 2010.

In her new memoir, Yes Please, Amy opened up about her split — divorce “really sucks” she said — and confessed she is thankful she and Will, 45, are dedicated to co-parenting their children despite their separation.

“I am proud of how my ex-husband Will and I have been taking care of our children,” she wrote. “I am beyond grateful he is their father, and I don’t think a 10-year marriage constitutes failure.”