For Alfonso Ribeiro, going to work means he’s almost guaranteed a good laugh! As the host of America’s Funniest Home Videos, his day is surrounded by hilarious video content, but there is one specific type of submission that always, without fail, gets him good.

“I’m all about epic fails. Those are the ones that really make me laugh the most, so I love watching people kind of go down,” he exclusively revealed to Closer Weekly during a new interview. “Last year, one of our $100,000 winners — definitely my favorite video — was two brothers going off on a slingshot ride and the older brother ends up screaming his head off and passing out a couple of times. It is hysterical.” We bet!

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Alfonso on the set of AFV.

The television personality first joined AFV back in 2015, succeeding Tom Bergeron as host. “I love the show and for me, it’s been fantastic, one of the greatest jobs I’ve ever been able to have — because I get to go to work every day and laugh,” he said. “I’ve got two little ones — a four-year-old and a two-year-old — and they love watching the videos with me. They come to set sometimes and I have to prepare by doing the voiceover for all the videos, so I get to get those at home and when I watch them on the computer, both my kids will sit on my lap and laugh and watch it all together. It really makes it fun,” he continued.

Prior to his AFV hosting gig, Alfonso appeared on the 19th season of Dancing With the Stars — and even took home the coveted Mirrorball Trophy! — in 2014, becoming good friends with his AFV predecessor Tom during the experience. He jumped out as a clear front-runner during Week 1 of the competition, and was a fan-favorite the rest of the season!

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Alfonso and Tom on DWTS.

Alfonso is nothing but grateful for the opportunities he’s had, especially his AFV job. “It’s a great gig and I work for a great executive producer and a great team with all the producers and writers,” he said. “I feel really blessed to do this show and it’s a show that’s now on 28 seasons — it’s pretty amazing when you think about it. The fact that I get to be a host alongside the previous hosts is pretty, pretty awesome.”

Closer Weekly spoke with Alfonso as he teamed up with Tostitos — the Official Chip and Dip of the NFL — for their “Super Bowl Ads for All” campaign. “We both want to bring people together and I’m all about togetherness and positivity, and Tostitos is all about bringing people together for the Super Bowl and their parties in general with their chips and dip. You gotta have a Tostitos chips and dip at any Super Bowl party or any party for that matter, and the idea for spending all this money on creating one Super Bowl ad, they’re creating thousands of Super Bowl ads by creating a way for people to go to to create their own, epic Super Bowl ad — and all they have to do is add three pieces of information, because it’s really an invitation for people throwing a great Super Bowl party,” he shared.

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Alfonso on AFV.

“So if you’re going to have a great party, it’s gotta start with the invite, and that’s what Tostitos has done. It’s an epic ad using scenes from some of the best commercials during all the Super Bowls going way back. We’ve got talking puppies, babies, and a nostalgic cameo from me — explosions and all of this in one ad for people to invite people to their great Super Bowl party,” Alfonso added.