Get well soon, Alec Baldwin! The A-list actor’s wife, Hilaria Baldwin, revealed on Wednesday, Feb. 7 that “all went well” with Alec’s hip replacement surgery.

“Thank you for your kind wishes. I know many of you are anxious to hear how he is doing. We have been here since very early. All went well in surgery and I am with him in recovery. ? to all #WeGotThis2018,” she captioned a photo of the two holding hands.

After Hilaria’s busy day on Tuesday, Feb. 6 — she’s pregnant with baby No. 4! — she wrote on Instagram next to a photo of the couple, “It’s been a day…jury duty, crabby kids, vet, meetings, pancakes that went oh so wrong…but I’m ending it with an amazing experience watching Alec interview Michael Wolff for #HeresTheThing… and now we rest because tomorrow morning we are in the hospital bright and early for his hip to be replaced. Think good thoughts for us. We are gonna eat lightly, relax, and take deep breaths #WeGotThis2018.”

This isn’t the first time Hilaria has opened up about her husband’s health. In her 2016 book, The Living Clearly Method, she talked about the time her husband learned his blood sugars were at “pre-diabetic levels,” which led him to change up his diet. “This was an alarming wake-up call that rocked him to the core,” she wrote. “This was a moment for drastically putting order where disorder had taken over; his body chemistry couldn’t re-balance until the aggravating foods and drinks were removed.”

Alec had previously spoken out about his battle with Lyme disease as well. “I got the classic Lyme disease [symptoms] for each successive summer, for five years, every August, like this black lung, flu-like symptoms, sweating to death in my bed,” Alec once said. “The first round [was the worst], and then it diminished, at least that’s how I perceived it.”

“The first time was the worst of all,” he recalled. “And I really thought this is it, I’m not going to live. I was alone, I wasn’t married at the time, I was divorced from my first wife. I was lying in bed saying, ‘I’m going to die of Lyme disease,’ in my bed and ‘I hope someone finds me and I’m not here for too long.’” We’re glad he’s feeling better today — and we wish him a speedy recovery!