Royal fans remembered the late Princess Diana 20 years after her death by tuning in to the ABC documentary The Story of Diana on Wednesday, Aug. 9. Part one of the two-night special raised many questions about the blonde beauty including what is the age difference between Prince Charles and Princess Diana? How old was Princess Diana when she died? Where was Princess Diana born? What happened to Princess Diana? Scroll down to see everything we learned from tonight’s special showing!

What is the age difference between Prince Charles and Princess Diana?

When the two tied the knot back in the early 1980s, Charles was 32 years old and Diana was 20 years old. That said, there was a 12-year age difference between the couple with Charles being 12 years older than Diana.

How old was Princess Diana when she died?

Princess Diana sadly died on Aug. 31, 1997. At the time of her passing, she was only 36 years old. Today, she would have been 56 years old if she were still alive.

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Where was Princess Diana born?

Princess Diana was born to an aristocratic family in Park House in Sandringham, Norfolk on July 1, 1961.

What happened to Princess Diana?

Princess Diana was tragically killed in a car accident 20 years ago. However, many conspiracy theories were discussed in the previous documentary, Princess Diana: Tragedy or Treason.

How did Princess Diana and Prince Charles meet?

As discussed in the documentary, the royals met when Charles was dating Diana’s older sister Lady Sarah McCorquodale. Once that relationship ended, Charles then pursued a romantic relationship with Diana. So cute and awkward all at the same time!

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When did Princess Diana get married?

Princess Diana and Prince Charles tied the knot on July 29, 1981, at St Paul’s Cathedral in front of more than 750 million people. Before Charles proposed, he and Diana were only together about a dozen times — and they were all mostly private occasions, according to The Story of Diana.

What was Princess Diana’s maiden name?

Diana held the name Diana Frances Spencer before marrying Prince Charles in 1981.

princess diana prince charles wedding getty images

Charles and Diana at their wedding in 1981.

Was Camilla Parker Bowles at Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s wedding?

Yes, Prince Charles’ now-wife was in attendance. Not only that but, according to The Story of Diana, Diana thought about her the entire time they were on their honeymoon, especially after she found a photo of Camilla in Charles’ diary. Little did Diana know she would soon become Charles’ mistress, an unfortunate situation that led to the demise of their marriage.

Are Princess Diana and Camilla related?

Both Charles and Camilla are allegedly related to the late Diana through shared ancestry from King Charles II. Interesting…

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Who designed Princess Diana’s wedding dress?

Princess Diana’s wedding dress was designed by Welsh designer David Emanuel.

How tall was Princess Diana?

Princess Diana was actually really tall — 5’10” to be exact! Surprisingly enough, she was the same height as Prince Charles.

When did Princess Diana and John Travolta dance?

As shown in The Story of Diana, the late royal danced with famed actor John Travolta at White House in November of 1985. So cool!

princess diana john travolta getty images

John and Diana at the White House.

How old were the Princes when Princess Diana died?

At the time of Diana’s passing, her older son, Prince William, was 15 years old, while her younger son, Prince Harry was just 12 years old.

How old was Princess Diana when she had William?

Diana’s pregnancy was announced on Nov. 5, 1981. She later welcomed William on June 21, 1982, when she was 20 years old. “Nothing in her life came close to the love for her children,” Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, said in The Story of Diana. “She was the best mother ever.”

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