Can you imagine singing a plethora of amazing Carole King songs to an audience every night of your life? Beautiful star Abby Mueller gets to do just that as part of her portrayal of the singer/songwriter on Broadway in NYC. While you may think singing the same collection of tunes time and time again could get old, Abby says it’s actually quite the opposite.

When asked if she finds singing the same ballads during every performance “challenging,” she revealed, “The true answer is no, I do not get sick of singing the songs. You just don’t. They’re just so good. You’re never like ‘Oh man, I have to sing ‘Natural Woman’ one more time.’ It just doesn’t happen,” Abby confessed, adding that the cast agrees with her logic.

That said, Abby also discussed how a longer Broadway run is a unique challenge in other ways, and much different than a shorter run. Specifically, she noted that there are also so many benefits that come along with it. “Each experience is unique, depending on the show. There are gifts that come with playing a character for a long time. You do have the opportunity to change and grow with it in a way that you wouldn’t necessarily if it was shorter,” she noted.

Luckily for Abby, it was easy for her to get used to playing Carole every night considering Carole was so “warm” and “lovely” to her when they first met. “I got to meet her before I had any idea what I was doing and it was really surreal and overwhelming and I definitely got emotional,” she shared.

And telling Carole’s story to audiences on Broadway has been easy for Abby ever since. “It’s really cool. It’s a huge thrill and big responsibility and a privilege, truly, to get to play her and then get to sing this incredible music on top of the story,” she shared. “It’s a really unique experience that I’m really grateful for.”