Skittish songbird Wynonna Judd’s head spins — literally — anytime she has to appear in front of an audience and insiders say her stage fright is so bad it’s giving her vertigo!

“Wynonna seems to think she’s not as good as other country stars, which gives her stage fright,” a tipster says. “Everyone’s trying to calm her down, but the worry is it’s only going to get more difficult unless she gets some professional help.”

“She’s panicking for no apparent reason and getting short of breath and wobbly on her feet. No one can understand why such a talented singer like Wynonna would react this way, but the truth is her confidence has steadily been plunging since her mom’s death.”

Wynonna’s biggest successes came while performing with her mother, Naomi, as The Judds. Although the duo disbanded in 1991, some say Wynonna pressured her mother to tour afterward, which affected reclusive Naomi’s mental health.

In fact, Naomi tragically committed suicide at age 76 on April 30, 2022 — just a day before they were both to be inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. Mom and daughter were supposed to follow the event with a national tour.

Rather than cancel, Wynonna decided to go it alone in her mom’s memory — despite Naomi leaving a suicide note that read, “Do not let Wy come to my funeral. She’s mentally ill.”

Wynonna was left badly shaken and the tipster says she’s never really recovered. The country belle canceled a New Year’s appearance with Kelsea Ballerini seven months later, saying she suffered an “extreme bout with vertigo,” and insiders insist she’s only gotten worse.