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That’s a Whole Lotta Wonder Women — Meet the Many Actresses Who Have Played Her

For some time, whenever people thought of movies based on DC Comics, Superman is the guy who would immediately come to mind, though eventually he was replaced by Batman. In fact, for quite a while it seemed like the company’s approach was “All Batman, all the time.” Well step aside, gentlemen: Thanks to Gal Gadot, Wonder Woman (AKA Diana Prince) has not only very much eclipsed her fellow heroes in the audience’s mind, but the success of last year’s film of the same name has opened the floodgates for other female superheroes to join her in saving the world. But Gal is only the latest actress to bring Wonder Woman to life. In fact, she’s one of 30 who have starred in various live action and animated versions that have been produced since 1967.

Why the connection? Gal explains in an official interview at the time of last year’s Justice League, “Diana does good because that’s the only thing she cares about. She doesn’t care for the fame or for the glory or for the credit. She’s not there for that. For me, it was really important that she would be the glue of the team, that we would track the same character that we victoriously established in the Wonder Woman movie. And I think that one of the special things that Diana has, one of the most beautiful qualities, is the fact that she just cares for people in the most sincere way. Also, we bring something that is easy to relate to. Yes, she’s a god. Yes, she’s the greatest warrior of all time, but she’s vulnerable, she’s sincere, and she can lose her confidence from time to time and she hurts. But she cares, and she’s warm, and she’s loving. These are qualities that all of us have.”

How do the other actresses who have played Wonder Woman feel about her? Find out in our guide to every one of them that follows.