She has fans all over the world, but only one gets private concerts from country beauty Deana Carter: Her nine-month-old puppy, Hugh.

"He's so young, he barks at suitcases, guitar cases – anything big," Deana explained to Closer. "So I'm starting to sing for him a bit more and he kind of seeps into my neck. Its a relaxer."

Deana, whose latest album Southern Way of Life was recently released on her own Little Nugget Records label, pointed out though, that she and her son Hayes, 9, get just as much love back from their new best friend as he gets from them.

"He's been a buddy", Deana, 47, said, adding that Hugh has helped Hayes mature and get past a scared phase, while he's been a trusteed four-legged support system for her as well.

"I'm currently separated, so it's really nice to come home and have that unconditional love – somebody eager to see you at the door that counts on you, Deana told Closer.

"Hugh knows a lot of what i'm feeling and I talk to him a lot – but he'll never tell!"