Every Monday night, millions of Americans spend their evenings with Tom Bergeron. They might flip on Dancing With the Stars for the elaborate choreography and glitzy outfits, but it wouldn’t be the long-standing reality competition show without the award-winning host.

Tom has been with the show since its creation in 2005. He even admitted that he never expected it to become as big as it has. “It’s grown and expanded much more. I thought, in all honesty, we’d be a summer show, we’d be a six-week, every summer a little [filler show],” he revealed. “So this has been much bigger than I would have predicted… Just look at the set we have now and the production values that they are able to mount every week on a live show. It’s astounding.” Keep scrolling to learn more about Tom!

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Tom with former contestants, Laurie Hernandez and Terra Jolé. (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

Who is Tom Bergeron?

The 62-year-old host began his career as a DJ at a local Massachusetts radio station. From there, he worked his way to become a notable figure in Boston television. He had an early-morning radio show called The Tom Bergeron Show and then went on to work for the cable network FX before eventually became a guest host on Good Morning America.

He was considered as a full-time host for GMA, but ultimately wasn’t hired for the gig. He did, however, create relationships at ABC which led to him hosting America’s Funniest Home Videos and DWTS.

What is Tom Bergeron’s net worth?

According to The Richest, his net worth is $16 million. He reportedly earns $150,000 per episode on DWTS. Not too bad!

Who is Tom Bergeron’s wife?

Tom tied the knot with his wife — Lois Bergeron — in 1982. The couple shares two daughters — Samantha and Jessica — and reside in LA and Greenwich, CT. The family splits their time between the coasts and notoriously stay out of the spotlight. But, Tom’s love for his family is evident even though he rarely speaks about them in the press. He’s referred to his children as “the lights of my life,” and has said that they have taught him important lessons.

Is Tom Bergeron on Instagram?

Yes, the reality show host is on Instagram (and Twitter). You can follow him @tombergeron on Instagram and @TomBergeron on Twitter. And make sure to catch him every week hosting _DWTS at 8 p.m. EST on ABC!